Memory as a room, as a body, as a skull, as a skull that encloses the room in which a body sits

                                                                                                             Paul Auster, Moon Palace

The drawings and subsequent film installation for Memory As A Room is a mix of biography, memory and dreams. It is the re-telling of a singular event in my life, pregnancy, loss, near death experience and recovery.

Memory As A Room inhabits is Dionysian landscape, seeking to affirm life, whether it is pain, pleasure, suffering or joy. It is an emotional and instinctive place. Often seen as a female preserve, one I seek to challenge. By embracing the chaos and savagery of my story I seek its rational balance, emphasising the harmony that can be found within this seemingly chaotic experience. On a molecular level Memory As A Room resurrects and rebuilds my narrative, in order to make peace with it.